Day2 Finished at Leims

It was a long day! We started at 6 am and finished at 9 pm! We reached Leims.

I cycled today 5 stages of 6, the distance was 255km, 10h34m. It was a fight against coldness and accumulated fatigue. But I felt it was easier to cycle collectively than to cycle alone because when we are in the peloton, we can avoid the wind resistance.


Pee stop


Start of the 5th stage which I didn’t join

因みにお昼はパテとガーキンのピクルスを挟んだフランスパンでした。さすがフランス!美味しかったですが、昨夜の夜はラザニアにポテトフライだったり、こういうのが続くと 思うとちょっと憂鬱です 笑


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