Day3 Finished at Dijion

We were forced to get up at 4:45 despite going to bed at 11 pm yesterday. The first stage started at 6 am.

Today I planned to ride 4 stages of 6 ones, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. I moved to the start point of the 2nd stage by bus. The following photo was taken near the start. The name of the village is Pocancy in Champaige .

The 3rd stage was the toughest one today. It was mote than 70km and very hilly.

I was exhausted after that but managed to continue the planed rides.

I have done 4 stages as planned and the result is 211km for 8 hours 33 minutes. Today I could see attractive tiny villages.

The start of the 6th stage


I am now really tired and can’t think about tomorrow’s plan…


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