Day4 Finished at Hauterives

We started from Dijon at 6 am “as usual”. We have to rush to check out the hotel for starting every morning. I left my jeans by oversight at yesterday’s hotel. Oh my god!

I had planned first 4 stages of 6 ones today before start, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. And I did as planned. The total distance was 217.5km for 7 hours and 57minutes.

Today as we had north strong tail wind and relatively gentle up-down, the average speed was higher than the past days. It is 27.4km per hour.

The route had impressive sceneries everywhere. We came through the Burgundy region. It is a pity that I can’t show you the stunning views on this blog as I can’t take photos when riding a bicycle.

In the later half of the 4th stage, I had a pain at left knee and  Achilles tendon. I stopped another ride today given the consecutive ride on and after tomorrow. I’ll take a bath again to relax my body.

The total distance so far from the day 1 is  803km.

I took several photos at Hauterives where I finished.





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