Day 5 finished at Aix-en-Provence

We started at 7 am today. It was cold but fine luckily. Although I had pain on left knee and right Achilles, I rode from the first stage. The first stage had 450m high hill and the second one had 500m one, too. It has very long slope but after the climbing I could enjoy the 5-6km down-hill riding at more than 60km/h speed. That was really exciting! After coming through the hilly area we cycled through the vineyard district “Cotes du Rhone”. It was amazing. We had lunch at Tulette in that region.

With my friend Nigel

After lunch I continuously rode on the 3rd stage . We saw some beautiful historical towns like Grignan on the way.

After the 3rd stage ride I thought I need a rest to avoid further damage on my knee and Achilles, then I decided to move to the start point of the 5th stage by bus. During moving we went through the beautiful town “L’Isle sur la Sorgue” where I have been to in 2013. The following photo was taken at that time.

I rode again on the 5th stage which is today’s final one. It was short, only 35km! We reached Aix-en-Provence at 7 pm. I took on 4 of 5 stages today. The distance I rode was 190km for 7 hours 43 minutes. The total comes to 993km for 5 days.
Finally we will start for the ultimate destination, Cannes, tomorrow morning.


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