Day6 Finally arrived at Cannes

Today is the final day. We started from Aix-en-Provence at 7am. The route was split into 3 stages, 60km, 80km, 39km and each has many steep slopes. As I had a problem with left knee and right Achilles, the 1st stage was really tough. Before the 2nd stage I consulted with a medical service and was given one tablet of “pain killer” which worked from 30minutes after taking it to the end. It was very helpful.

at the start point of the 2nd stage

We could see Mount St. Victoire which is popular for Cezanne’s painting and enjoy stunning views of La Provence from higher points. We saw many gopher woods around. Gopher wood was drawn in Van Gogh’s painting.

After more than 6 hours ride from the morning we finally reached Côte d’Azur! Oh, sea! We cried. It was a long, long journey. We arrived at the goal in Cannes after 3 pm and were welcomed by a lot of people who came there to join MIPIM from London. I saw many friends among them.

It was a fantastic experience. Friendship, interaction, endurance, charity, stunning views and the fun of cycling… lots of valuable things are there. This would be one of my best memories in my life.


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